Our Story

From our humble beginnings Champions Preparatory Academy has remained committed to God’s truth and academic excellence. This tradition of excellence permeates every facet of our program offerings at Champions Academy.

Vision Statement

Our center will be known as a diverse Christian community which, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, provides families with dynamic-robust academic programming, dedicated professional staff, in facilities most conducive to learning, in order to develop responsible servants in God’s world.

Mission Statement

To foster a love of learning by promoting academic excellence, educate for all students, to embody the Love of Christ which will enable students to reach and expand their potential, and to prepare them to become productive, responsible, ethical, creative and compassionate members of society

Our programming prepares students for success in the 21st century by engaging them in rigorous and relevant learning opportunities that promote academic, spiritual and emotional growth.

Core Values

  • Ignite a passion for learning that students;

  • Provide real-world application and practice of standards and skills that builds and strengthens core learning, nurtures connections, demonstrates and builds confidence

  • Maximize academic learning with STEM and 21st Century Learning Career experiences.

  • Empower students to learn…grow and excel in an environment of academic integrity and excellence. 

We Want To Develop The Whole Student

Every experience at Champions Preparatory Academy is intended to raise the bar in the student’s own life as it relates to excellence.

They also learn that excellence goes beyond academic ability; excellence is demonstrated in the students’ commitment to people, in their depth of integrity, in their willingness to work hard, and in their leadership abilities.